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7 Deadly Diabetic Myths Exposed

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There are a lot of people who have thier own myths about Diabetes. Some could prove lethal if a diabetic is not informed of the right thing. So I would like to expose some of these deadly myths.

Myth 1: Sugar Causes Diabetes

Sugar may be a factor in diabetes, but it does not cause it. Research shows that one of the main contributors to the sudden increase in blood glucose levels are simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates on the other hand show a slow and gradual increase in blood glucose levels.

Myth 2: Only Fat People Get Diabetes

This myth is really wrong. Some are so sure that they won't get diabetes because they are fit or slim. It's not a lifestyle dependent disease, although it can highly influence or trigger insulin resistance, but according to my doctor it has a lot of other factors and the source of it is still a mystery.

Myth 3: If you're diabetic limit your food intake

Although type 2 diabetes has been closely linked to obesity, another deadly myth is the thinking that once you limit your food intake you can recover from it. This is somehow related to the first myth I mentioned, eating right (avoiding simple carbohydrates) with the right amount of activity like exercise can do much in controlling your blood glucose levels. Too little may cause you to go hypoglycemic where your sugar levels go so dangerously low.

Myth 4: Once you're on medication you can eat anything you want

Whether you're on oral medication or on insulin, you still have to manage your diet as well as exercise. Health supplements can also help but it's still eating right and losing weight which makes the big difference. A total change in an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Myth 5: Standard Diets or Low Carbohydrate Diets are good for any diabetic

Though standard low carbohydrate diets help in controlling weight, doctors still recommend that diets should be individualized and specifically programmed for each patient. That's why your medical care team should always include a dietitian or a meal planner.

Myth 6: You only need to test your blood glucose levels once in a while

This is very dangerous. Not testing right means letting your blood glucose go uncontrolled. Invest on a good meter. Technology has really evolved nowadays, meters are now very portable and accurate as well. It is also standard practice to have your blood checked via a reputable laboratory on a regular basis or as your doctor would advise.

Myth 7: My whole family is diabetic, therefore I'm certain to get diabetes

This myth is often the most common misconception. Surrendering to the fact that you have a family history of diabetes and you're sure you'll get it is totally wrong. You always have the power to take control of your life and watch what you eat. Stay active, eat right and avoid excess. You can control your life.

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